What exactly does it mean when you say 'Remote IT WorkForce'?

We recruit software developers exclusively for your requirements and skills. Each of them would work on your projects under your instructions and guidance on a full-time basis.

How do I know they are qualified and will be useful to me?

We ask your skill requirements and offer you candidates to interview. You may interview them via Video Conference or Tele Conference and are free to ask them all technical questions and details. We also conduct technical evaluations, where you can give them exercises and review how they perform. So you have enough opportunity to evaluate candidates at each level before they start working on your project.

What is the level of English language qualifications of these individuals?

Let's admit a shortfall straightaway. If you were comparing candidates with level of English that is prevalent in your country, many of our candidates would not be at par. Most of the candidates we put forward would be able to display a fair understanding of English & be able to follow your instructions. Some of them may lack the confidence in verbal communication. However we get around this problem in two ways, we ensure that all candidates in your selection pool have a good understanding of English and Experience. We also have highly qualified and experienced Team Leaders & Studio Managers assisting these individuals and helping improve the quality of the end-result that they produce. All our current clients are happy with the arrangement besides you interview these candidates, so you can do your assessment of language as well.

What kind of infrastructure do you provide?

We provide excellent infrastructure at our offshore software development center both in terms of working environment as well as technical capabilities. All individuals would be equipped with the latest Laptop computers to help them work faster on your tasks. Multiple high bandwidth Internet connections service the development center. We have both cable Internet and wireless providers to achieve redundancy. A good level of power back up is available to ensure trouble free operations.

What are the working conditions and benefits for these developers?

Our development center takes care of providing them excellent working environment. We have a lunch area, pantry to allow them take breaks during designate hours. Game rooms to ensure they stay focused and are able to relax and unwind when necessary. Group development activities are organized during Saturdays. Entire team of developers and non-developers working for the development center is covered under private medical health insurance. Annual bonus is issued as per the company policy and a total of 16 paid holidays are provided per year, which includes Republic Day, Independence Day and other major festivals in India.
We ensure that a safe and exciting work environment is offered to retain individuals with the development center. We take away all your hassle and worries of keeping your workforce happy!

What are the contractual obligations & minimum commitments required?

We offer you dedicated developers on a monthly fixed fee basis. Whereby you can hire any number of candidates and reduce or increase number of developers at will. We just require you to provide a 30 days notice period before reliving someone from his or her position.

How long will the interview process and evaluation take? I am in a hurry to start.

We can start the ball rolling for recruitment within three days of your request to hire someone, however the process can take up to two weeks for you to evaluate and select a candidate and for them to actually start working. In some cases it may take longer depending on your skill & experience requirements. We have full time developers in our team who would be available to join immediately, however we don't restrict you to those candidates.

How can we control performance remotely for these developers?

We offer you complete control for individuals hired for you. So you will be able to define their firewall restrictions, see them over video conference or CCTV cameras or speak to them using a local telephone number. We also provide you with team viewer or remote desktop access, so you have absolute control over what they do during their work hours on their computers.

What about Confidentiality, Trade Secrets and Source code etc?

All our developers sign confidentiality agreements. So they are all bound to respect confidentiality needs for all our clients and their projects. We can also accept additional confidentiality agreements and measures to safeguard your interests. We have security policy in place at the development center, which restricts visitors to the core studio area, and the premises are monitored by CCTV 24.7.365.

Are there any other additional costs involved? Hidden Costs etc.?

We offer fixed fee arrangement. So once you are provided with a monthly fee, there are no other costs involved on your end for the candidate, just a fixed monthly cost. However as with any employment an increment in the monthly fee may be required once every year to offer increment to the candidates. It usually is linked to each individual's performance and we let you decide the increment, so majority portion of this is directly awarded to the candidate.