Remote Workforce

Define the kind of
Expertise you need.


Get a quick response from our active Business
Development Team.


We arrange the pool of Candidates for you.


Handpick the suitable
candidate as per your Requirement.


Make the monthly


The selected candidate actively starts working for you.


7 Day

Obligation Free Trial for select Skills
Hire a dedicated Full time IT Staff at $999/month

Skillset Available

we bring the remote stars for you

Hire IT people who will work in OUR office for YOU at a fixed monthly cost. They work dedicatedly only for you, based on your instructions.

You get a dedicated employee minus all the headache of recruitment, HR activities, Training and motivations, payroll, taxes / benefits and obligations. No real-estate and cubicles needed, no office space needed. No pain only the output of the employee is what you get.

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